Our Success Stories

How Things Started in one Tokyo Financial Firm

In January 2009, we started losing projects because of RECESSION. I went berserk and went to one of my Friend Mr. Anirvan Mukherjee of Erstwhile Lehman Brothers (now Nomura) asking for suggestion, about what should we do in this situation. He advised since I know how to repair a PC, I should at least start doing it, with a reasonable charge, as he himself finding it difficult to get his PC repaired. I did not have any option except to cling on to this advice, and setup a small website at http://www.tokyopcrepair.com to do the marketing. And the next day, I started sending wild mails to whoever was happen to be on my address book.
One of them happen to be a HR manager from this Japanese Financial company and he sent this mail to the IT head, who in turn called me for only one PC repair job. While discussing it, I obviously asked about more work, and he asked me, what all did I know. After I showed him all of my credentials and certificates, he asked me to sit in their office for 2 or 3 days, and assess their IT situation and suggest things that will increase their efficiency and reduce their cost.

What we discovered

So, I sat there for some days, saw how pretty closely about how their helpdesk works, building PCs using Ghost images, I created a 50 point charter issues for the CIO. We found that one or two engineers are key to their working and they take more time in troubleshooting than going for some advancement in their current infrastructure. They have some Japanese applications which were too complex even for the best available engineers there, who can take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours to install it properly. Device drivers used are not updated. Security patching is delayed so much so to upto 3 months.Issues after Issues. So, the first thing, the CIO requested me was to have a proper Windows XP build.

What did we do

And we did it, using unattend.txt file and used MUI, so that this single core build can be deployed anywhere in the world, for the PCs, which we are not supposed to see even. We started with WinPE to clean up the disk, partition them in 2, format both the partitions make one of them active and then deploy the OS. We just told them to ensure that we get the proper drivers for them. And we started using scripts to automate this build to such an extent, where it will itself figure out whether it is a laptop or desktop and will install Firewall software only in case of a laptop and nothing for the desktop.

We slipstreamed their Windows XP with SP2 to upgrade to SP3 and " Patches released after SP3" . We also slipstreamed the Office 2003 with SP3.

We packaged most of the complex applications, so that a single click can get them installed in a right way, which includes Oracle Client, Adobe Reader, Flash, Antivirus, etc.

What was the benefits accrued

Now this company can build PCs with Windows XP and all other related software and service packs, at the user's desk, with a single click necessitated from the Helpdesk Engineer to start the PC from CD. And they get the completely build PC, with the same standard set, across the globe.

Now they can troubleshoot their faulty application at London, sitting at Tokyo, as they can recreate the same situation here. Because of packaging the applications, there is no specific one or two engineers, who are needed to install them. Moreover the time to install the most complex applications are reduced to less than 3 minutes.

If you envision the same thing, please write us a mail at sales@hexcodetechnologies.com or talk to us to see, how can we help you to attain, what others are doing.