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Almost half a decade back, HexCode Technologies was initiated with the idealism of creating a stir in the world of hardware solutions, system architecture and IT support. Many a times we stumbled, but rising up and continuing was what kept us going. This is our story.

While working for different organizations, Mr. Gupta realized that there is a gap between what the customer's want and what they, the IT people were providing as service. Then he realized, that this way, it can't continue for long and one day, surely all the big IT houses should ideally crumble down due to the lack of customer focused attitude. This customer centric attitude should not only be utilized from the top level management, but should ideally be forthcoming from the junior most people, who are actually working at the customer's premises.

Our customer support is the very best!

We pride ourselves on the excellent service that we provide to all our customers.

Things to remember

The Help Desk is often the first point of contact for most callers

Great Techniques

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much